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Bike to Work Day is today, June 24th!

By Daniel E DAngelo Esq on June 24, 2015

After a late start to the spring, Coloradans are ready to get outside. Around our office, that means getting on our bicycles and riding as much as possible! One of our favorite ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons is with Colorado’s annual Bike to Work Day, celebrated today, June 24, 2015.

CO Bike to Work Day 2015

Some of you are certainly excited for the event, but others may wonder, “Why on earth would I ride to work when I have a car?” If you find yourself in the latter camp, here are a couple of things to consider:

  • Get active and get exercise – Most of us sit the majority of the day at work; excess sitting is a known long-term health risk. Many of us find it hard to fit in exercise into our busy schedules. A ride in the morning and afternoon can help minimize these effects and keep you in shape.
  • It’s going to be fun! – There are going to be lots of participants, and even Bike to Work Breakfast stations from 6:30-9:00 AM. There are water aid and stations for the ride home as well. Even better, there will be a variety of Bike Parties after work! Just search the “Bike stations” page for “Parties” and you’ll see plenty of results.
  • Lose the stress of traffic – Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic is never any fun. When you’re on your bicycle, things are always moving smoothly. You won’t have to worry about the miles of crawling metal boxes on I-25, Colorado Ave, or any of the other clogged arteries around the city!

Dan and the rest of the team would love to see you join in this statewide celebration, but we also want to make sure you keep yourself safe.

There are quite a few steps you can take to avoid being a statistic:

  • Make sure you bike is in good condition and working order before you ride. Denver pot holes can easily blowout your tire so make sure there is enough air and your brakes work.
  • Follow all traffic signals and rules.
  • NEVER go on a ride without your helmet.
  • Learn and use proper hand signals.
  • Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings, and make eye contact with drivers.
  • Wear bright colors during the day and reflective clothing at night.
  • Use dedicated bike lanes on surface streets and dedicated bike paths when possible.
  • Always announce yourself and use caution when passing pedestrians and other bicyclists.

Safety should always be your primary concern, especially when riding your bicycle through a city designed with cars in mind!

As long as we’re making sure to stay safe, we can focus on having fun. To maximize fun and minimize worry, try to keep Dan’s tips for riding to work in mind:

  • Be Prepared to Sweat – Colorado in June is far from unbearable, but it’s not always cool either. Chances are you’re going to sweat during ride to work, so have a plan for what you’ll do when you get there. This will let you ride worry free, even if you start sweating on the way! One of the best steps you can take is leaving clothes, toiletries, and makeup items at the office the day before your ride. That way you can wear suitable clothing and get yourself ready for the work day when you arrive at the office. If you don’t have a shower on site, be prepared with wet wipes, wash cloths, and deodorant. If you plan ahead a hot day won’t prevent you from riding in!
  • Bring Plenty of Water – If you have a backpack with a water bladder, this is the perfect time to use it. If not, make sure you fill your bottle before you take off. Remember to be aware of where the various water stations are as well, and don’t be afraid to take frequent water breaks.
  • Plan Ahead for Trouble – You don’t want to be weighed down with too much gear, but it is usually a good idea to bring a spare tube and a pump along with you. It’s a minor investment to make, especially if you’re going to be riding often this summer. (Make sure you know how to change a tire as well!). If carrying gear is not your thing at least make sure identify the nearest bike shops along your route in the event you need to walk your bike to the nearest one. Luckily Denver has a lot of bike shops.

Bike to Work Day is always an exciting occasion for all participants, and we hope you’ll join us in being a part of the celebration. You can register right here, and the main website has tons of great information to help you get pedaling.

The next time you’re stuck in a line of cars on the way to work remember, you’re not *in* traffic, you *are* traffic! You can beat the daily grind and reap massive benefits by riding to work as often as possible. Even if you try it and biking to work isn’t your thing at least you gave it a shot and will hopefully be something you remember the next time you are driving and encounter a fellow biker on the road.